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The Express Wash Owners Guide to SMS Marketing

The Express Wash Owners Guide to SMS Marketing

Do you want a cheap way to communicate with your customers and get them to come back to your $3 express exterior car wash as often as possible? SMS marketing offers you the ability to market to your customers directly. This can build brand loyalty and increase your bottom line. Here are three reasons you don’t want to miss out on text message marketing.

The Affordable Way to Market Your Express Exterior Wash

You can’t really beat SMS marketing when it comes to affordability. At most, texts will cost you about 10 cents apiece. In some locations, you may be able to message consumers for as little as a penny. You need to check with local service providers to determine the rate in your area.

Next, you want to give texting your customers a trial run. Pick 50-100 of your best customers. Your test campaign is going to cost a max of about $10 so if you even get 4 customers to come and get the $3 wash you’ll make money. Then you can start working on building up your cell phone number list and give your SMS marketing a wider run.

Convenient for You and Your Car Wash Customers

Sending a mass text out to your existing customers is a fast and cheap way to send a time-sensitive offer to all of your best customers at once. It’s just about the most convenient way to market your express wash. On the other hand, it is also convenient for your customers. They don’t miss out on a deal because an email went to the spam folder or because they don’t read the local newspaper. As long as you are not sending daily texts, most customers will find your messages to be a convenience rather than an annoyance.

A good rule of thumb for SMS marketing is to send a message as often as the customer should be using the service. For an oil change garage, that would be once every three months, but for an express car wash you may be able to get away with a weekly deal.

High Returns/Conversion Rate

According to recent studies, emails get about 1.73% of consumers to take action. However, when you use SMS marketing your conversion rate can skyrocket to over 8%. That means you can pay a premium for the service, have an average amount of response, and still make 2-3 times your ad spend. If you get a good deal on messages and consumers go for a more expensive wash rather than the $3 quick wash, you stand to make 10 times your ad spend or more.

Check our car wash blog regularly for tips and trends in the car wash industry. If you are looking to invest in a turn-key express car wash, check out our express exterior car wash design and construction services.

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