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5 Reasons to Add an Express Car Wash to Your Dealership

Car dealership owners should give consideration to the value of setting aside a chunk of land for an express exterior car wash. While your staff will still have to detail the interior of used cars you intend to sell, here are some of the reasons a car wash adds value to your business.

#1 Draw in New Customers

Not everyone is going to find your business online. However, if someone frequents the car wash, they are likely to remember your dealership when it is time to buy a car. Think of the car wash as a way to pay yourself for advertising your dealership.

#2 Increase Customer Retention

Any extra value you can add for customers is a way to improve loyalty at your dealership. And that’s really what you want is a customer who won’t shop anywhere else. You may even want to think about a loyalty program. Consider providing a year of free carwashes to new car buyers. After that, they can extend the membership for a monthly fee.

#3 Speed Up Your Service Center

Let your mechanics worry about fixing cars instead of washing them. When the car is repaired, you run it through the wash in a minute or so, and it’s ready to go. The faster your turnaround in the service center, the happier customers will be, especially when the car is also returned spotless.

#4 Cut Back on Staff Costs

You won’t need the additional man-hours to wash the exterior of all those cars. Whether it is a used car you want to sell or a repair that you want to wash before returning to the owner, it only takes a minute or two of time.

#5 Increase Your Revenue

Having the nicest car wash in the area can also give a huge boost to your bottom line. Remember that even if you are including free washes with new car purchases, you are likely to hook those drivers on coming back for future washes once the free trial period ends.

Find Out More About Getting a Turnkey Express Exterior Car Wash

Car Wash Pro Designers can turn an empty lot into a revenue-adding, loyalty-building, time and money-saving car wash business. Learn more about our turnkey car wash design and development services and discover if this is the right way to grow your car dealership business.


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