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5 Reasons to Consider New Construction Over Buying an Existing Car Wash Business

The car wash industry is an exciting place for investors. While there may be more initial expense involved in new car wash construction as opposed to buying an existing business, there are definite reasons to consider it. Here are five reasons a new express exterior wash is the superior investment.

#1 Superior Business Model

An express exterior wash is the car wash for our modern era. It is fast and efficient. You can clear more cars per hour while still maintaining a low cost of maintenance and an eco-friendly business model. Since few tunnel washes are for sale, if you want a modern wash, you need to start from the ground up.

#2 Location Is Crucial to Your Business

If you buy an existing wash, you are stuck on the site the previous owner picked. Is it accessible? Is there enough space for cars to wait their turn? A crowded lot will scare away drivers who just want a quick wash on the way home.

#3 Standing Up to The Competition

Many people who are trying to get out of the car wash industry simply didn’t design a wash that could hold up against other businesses in the area. That means sinking a lot of money into updating equipment. Even then, you may not be able to fully modernize the site. For example, there may not be enough space on the existing property to expand the wash, vacuum area, and other necessary elements to making the business competitive.

#4 It’s Not Worth Bulldozing

Unless the price is a total steal, the location is prime, and it is large enough for a modern wash, it is rarely going to be worth it to buy an old car wash just to bulldoze it and put a new one on the property. While it is nice to have the utilities already prepared and the land properly zoned, it is almost never worth the tradeoff.

#5 Marketing Is Easier

A “Grand Opening” sign is always more exciting than an “under new management” sign. Why try to recover the reputation of an existing car wash when you can create the identity you want for your own car wash brand. This also opens you up to the opportunity to expand into multiple washes in the future.

Car Wash Pro Designers is here to help you design and build a turnkey express exterior wash.


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