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5 Reasons to Take Your Carwash Menu Online

Your express car wash likely uses a $3 express exterior wash to bring in customers. However, you do not want returning drivers to use this wash every time. That is why you have a wide array of options that allow a consumer to upgrade the experience. Rather than seeing lines back up as drivers read through all the options when they arrive, why not offer a carwash menu on your website? Here are five great reasons to offer an online version of your carwash options.

#1 Transparency Helps Consumers Decide

You can provide a lot more information on an online site than on a small menu at the car wash payment area. This allows you to be transparent with what each was does for your customer. An informed decision leads customers to be happier with the result. Satisfied customers are more likely to return.

#2 Make Changes on the Fly

Rather than having to change posted information in print at your car wash, an online menu is easy to change. If you want to adjust your prices or even some of the features of your car wash types, you can update your clients in a matter of minutes. Say goodbye to having to explain why your menu no longer matches your offerings!

#3 Expand Your Business

Everything that you do to make things better for your customers will result in more business. As word spreads of your easy-to-read, digital menu, more consumers will get their eyes on your site. Once they see how easy it is to know exactly what they are getting and how much it will cost, that is sure to bring in new drivers.

#4 Give Your Brand a Modern Appeal

The more your brand goes digital, the more modern and professional your business will be in the eyes of consumers. If your approach to the menu is professional and modern, they will expect your express wash to follow suit, and that can lead to more people giving your car wash a try.

#5 Connect with Your Audience

Now that you have consumers on your site to see the menu, do not miss an opportunity to connect with them. Use videos, infographics, links to your social media accounts, and a share button to make it simple for your customers to refer a friend.

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