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5 Tips for Car Wash COVID-19 Protocols If You Have to Enter a Customer’s Car

If you are running an express exterior car wash, this is something that should almost never happen. If you are hand-detailing cars, this is something that is necessary for every client. Either way, you should have a plan in place so that your employees know how to follow local laws, protect their own health, and protect the health of the driver.

5 Tips to Help Your Employees and Customers Stay Safe

Since we cannot comment on every state and local jurisdictions’ laws, your first step will be to determine what is legal in your area. Next, here are some general protocols to follow.

  1. Have the Right PPE and Know How to Use It – You need to have masks, and gloves are not a bad idea either if you are going to be getting into multiple cars. They prevent you from potentially passing bacteria from one car to the next. Of course, you must change your gloves between vehicles.

  2. Keep Your Car Wash Facility Properly Sanitized – If the facility is safe, then your employees should stay healthy. That protects your customers.

  3. Maintain Proper Social Distancing – Obviously, your employees and the driver should never be in the car at the same time. You also want to minimize the number of times you have to transfer items between you and your clients.

  4. Clean and Disinfect the Site and Equipment – This is the most obvious part. However, in the past, you may have been more concerned about the appearance of cleanliness than actually disinfecting the site and equipment used by your clients. Now, the disinfecting part is an additional necessary step.

Simple and Effective Express Exterior Car Washes

An express exterior car wash reduces contact points or may even eliminate them completely. So if you are looking to invest in a new car wash, this is the option to try for the modern world. Car Wash Pro Designers is an experienced team of professionals who keep up with the modern car wash industry. Learn more about the turn-key car wash design and construction that we offer.


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