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Be Sure to Keep Your Car Wash Parking Lot Safe and Clean

One major component of a successful express exterior car wash is creating the best user experience. Customers want everything to be simple, safe, and efficient. While this may be true regarding your car wash itself, can the same be said about the parking lot? As with the wash itself, a little maintenance can go a long way.

Here are a few essential suggestions:

#1 Preventative Care Is Cheaper That Repairs

If you work with the right vendor to have your parking lot installed initially, it’s easy to take preventative care by having it resealed every year (or as recommended). Make visual inspections on a regular schedule so you know when maintenance is needed while it is still a little job.

#2 Performing Regular Maintenance

To keep your parking area visually appealing, you will need a landscaping service that can perform weekly duties and seasonal clean-ups. Be sure your staff or janitorial service is attentive to any trash that may be left in the lot. Clean sidewalks and well-delimited pedestrian areas will also give your staff a safe way to move about for maintenance purposes without encountering customers in vehicles.

#3 Painting and Cleaning

This is another area that connects to both safety and beauty. When parking spaces or lanes are clearly marked, you are less likely to have an accident in your lot. Plus, freshly painted lines just look better. Keeping the asphalt and landscaped areas free of debris will protect the vehicles as well as anyone who may get out of the car.

#4 Signage

Just like street signs and road signage protect drivers on the road, the right signage in your lot can protect customers without becoming an eyesore. Clearly painted lines and arrows in the lot can ensure that cars are traveling in the correct direction. Simple signs can direct customers to the entrance of the wash, to the vacuum bays, and to parking spots on the rare occasion they may need to enter the offices.

Hire The Most Comprehensive Car Wash Services

From car wash design and construction to management and marketing support to help you maximize your return on investment, Car Wash Pro Designers is the team investors can rely on. If you are planning to invest in an express exterior car wash, get in touch with our team today to learn how we can give you a competitive advantage in a lucrative industry.



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