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Boardwalk Car Wash - Profession Carwashing & Detailing

The White Elephant — Boardwalk Car Wash, IL

Every industry and trend evolves, and the theme carwash is no exception. Ideas that were once new can become dated and concepts and creations are expanded and built upon.

Nick and Anthony Spallone, owners of the Boardwalk Car Wash in Des Plains, IL, have taken the theme carwash in a new direction. In fact, they don’t really consider their carwash a theme wash; to them it’s a high-end operation.

Like Norris, the Spallones wanted to stand out from the rest of the industry. Nick Spallone decided a long time ago that if he ever built anything he wanted it to have the quality and aesthetics similar to the hotels in Las Vegas, specifically the Venetian.On May 20, 2004, the Spallones achieved their goal when they opened the Boardwalk Car Wash. After spending approximately $5 million, the brothers became proud owners of one of the most unique and luxurious carwashes of today.

With lavish hallways, plush bathrooms and extravagant offices, the Boardwalk looks more like a hotel than a carwash. According to Nick Spallone, this was the exact goal the brothers had in mind.

The Spallone brothers were aiming for upscale, luxury and comfort with their high-end carwash. According to Nick, they wanted people to almost forget they were waiting for their car to be washed.

Well worth the expense

Was it worth it? Would they do it again? Absolutely, Nick Spallone said. This would be the only way he would do it.

Nick Spallone falls in line with the other theme wash owners on one thing; success is based on the quality of the job done.

He also said that in many instances, people will return to a carwash if they like the owner, regardless of the style or type of facility.

Whether it’s the Spallone’s personality, the quality of the job, or the distinctive style, Nick Spallone said that he is sure that his high-end carwash has expanded the types of people that visit his wash.

His previous regular washes never saw the diversification and culture that Boardwalk sees.


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