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Car Wash Industry Information Serious Investors Should Know

The International Car Wash Association has released statistics and estimates that provide key information for anyone who owns a car wash or is looking to invest in one. Here are a few statistics we felt would be of interest to our investors.

  • The type of car washes in North America seem to be split fairly even between self-service, in-bay, and conveyor washes.

  • In the US, most car washes are independently owned and operated.

  • North American car washes clean about 2 billion cars per year.

  • In the US, the percentage of Americans who preferred to use a car wash versus washing their own car increased from 47% to 72% in a recent 10-year period.

What do these facts and figures mean for you?

Why Now Is the Time to Invest in the Future of the Car Wash Industry

These figures point to now being the opportune time to break into the car wash industry. For example, an express wash is the direction that car washes are going, but right now only about a third of washes are tunnel bays. This gives you the opportunity to invest in a turnkey project as the industry is still expanding.

Another important factor is that private owners don’t have to compete with major corporations. There are very few car wash franchises, and most of those are locally oriented and not national. So you don’t have to build a brand in an industry where many well-established competitors already exist. You’re’ not opening a coffee shop to compete with the local Starbucks or fast food place that has to face off against a McDonald’s down the road.

The car wash industry is in a booming phase because more people are heading to car washes rather than washing their cars at home. The industry makes billions of dollars each year washing billions of cars. You can make money with a standalone wash, or build several and become your area’s franchise name.

Starting Your Car Wash Business Right

Of course, you still need to rely on high-quality car wash design and construction services that give your business the best opportunity to provide a return on your investment quickly. That means partnering up with a design, development, and consulting company that knows the car wash industry inside and out. From designing the best car wash experience to watching your first customer roll through the bay doors, Car Wash Pro Designers are with you every step of the way. Contact us today to get started.


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