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Car Wash Reputation Management: Handling Negative Comments Online and Social Media

In our second installment of this car wash reputation management series, we’re going to take a closer look at how to deal with negative comments online and social media. If your car wash is not using social media as part of your marketing, then you are already falling behind the times. However, one of the concerns of marketing any business on social media is the potential for a customer to make a negative comment on one of your posts or about your operation directly. How can you combat such a comment without getting into an online argument and making matters worse? We will address this in our newest car wash reputation management article.

It Is Always Professional to Listen to Your Customers

Rather than simply deleting negative comments, respond in a kind way that shows you listen to your customers. Acknowledging someone’s feelings by saying that you are sorry they had an unsatisfactory experience is a great way to acknowledge a comment without admitting to any wrongdoing on the part of your business.

Respond as Quickly as Possible

Make sure your alerts are turned on and respond to negative comments right away. Response time is important when it comes to customer service, and even if there is no way to satisfy this particular customer, others who see the fast response time and understanding reply will be more confident in your business.

Don’t Be Defensive or Negative in Kind

The worst thing you can do is say something negative about the customer, even if they are 100% wrong. The old adage that the customer is always right applies just as much online as it does in person. A kind reply diffuses a negative situation while a defensive reply can escalate things quickly.

Try to Move Matters Offline or Into a Private Setting

Let the customer know that you want to make things right in a one on one setting. Offer for them to direct message you with more information about the problem or provide a customer service phone number or email address. This will allow the consumer to make any future negative comments in private and may encourage other customers to contact you directly rather than airing grievances in public.

It also gives you the opportunity to make things right. Who knows? Once the matter is settled, the customer may remove the negative comment and even write something nice about your customer service.

Professional Car Wash Reputation Management Advice

Keep reading our car wash reputation management series for more advice from the professionals at Car Wash Pro Designers. And don’t forget to come to us for all of your car wash design, development, remodel, and supply needs!


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