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Comparing Car Wash Experience with Your Competition

The modern generation of consumers seems to value experiences as one of the top value factors when making a purchase. Other major factors include quality, sustainability, and customizable options. It is sufficient to say that if your car wash doesn’t get vehicles as clean as your competitors, you won’t last long in the business. Assuming quality is a level playing field, let’s take a few minutes to see how your car wash stacks up against your competitors when it comes to providing the experience that consumers want.

Factors to Consider When Gauging Customer Experience

  • Lot Access – Is it easy to pull in and out of the parking lot safely? Location can have a major impact on consumer experience.

  • Payment – What is the customer experience when it comes to paying for the wash? Contactless is the gold standard.

  • Options – You want the $3, $5, or $7 express wash to bring in customers, but then you also need to have an array of wash types to cater to consumer needs.

  • Wash Experience – The experience in your express wash tunnel is contributed to by a number of factors. You have things ranging from the conveyor type to the tunnel design to the lighting to the colors used in the wash.

  • Freebies – Providing freebies adds value to the experience. Free vacuums are a great way to add value.

  • Loyalty Program – The loyalty program also adds to the experience. This is especially true when it comes to monthly unlimited wash memberships. Knowing the wash was already paid for allows a customer to relax and enjoy the ride.

Making a Fair Assessment

But how can you know if your wash is really providing a better experience when it comes to these and other details? Sure, you could go to the other washes in town with your car and see what happens, but there are two problems with that.

  • You’re Biased – It’s tough to see how another wash may be better than yours if you are really proud of your investment.

  • What if Someone Sees You? – If it is all over social media that the owner of one car wash goes to another one in town, that’s probably not going to be good for business.

So, what is a viable alternative? You could hire someone to go to all the washes in town and compare them. Make it a “blind” comparison by not telling the secret shopper which wash is yours.

Investing in an Express Exterior Car Wash

Car Wash Pro Designers can help you to invest in an express exterior car wash that provides the ultimate consumer experience. Learn more about our turnkey car wash projects now.


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