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EPA and OSHA Regulations for the Car Wash Industry

The EPA and OSHA are the two main governing bodies that set regulations for the car wash industry. The EPA deals with environmental concerns, while OSHA focuses on safety. What should you know if you are a car wash owner?

EPA Recommendations and Regulations

The EPA is definitely an ally of the car wash industry. In fact, since washing a single car in a driveway uses more than 140 gallons of water, the EPA suggests taking your vehicle to a professional wash. Also, when someone washes a car at home, they may have no precautions in place to stop runoff from draining into sewers or storm drains.

On the other hand, car washes are subject to strict regulations. While each state and county will have their own laws regarding runoff, the EPA divides pollutants into three categories: Toxic, Conventional, and Nonconventional. Phosphorus, a nonconventional pollutant, appears in a number of car cleaning products, as do several other chemicals that are considered pollutants.

Therefore, you have to control where dirty water goes following a wash. Fines can start at several hundred dollars and even be over a thousand dollars depending on local regulations.

OSHA Compliance Standards

OSHA was formed in the 70s with the idea of creating safe working conditions and requiring proper training. The car wash industry by nature creates some circumstances that fall under the regulations of OSHA. For example, you need to know how to protect staff and consumers from slip and fall injuries. There are also things to consider regarding the car wash equipment, corners that block line of vision for workers, and electrical wires that could quickly lead to harm with all the water being used at the wash.

Some of the most common problems that result in OSHA citations include the use of ladders and machines, fall protection, respiratory protection, electrical design and wiring, and the like. You need to be sure that you are taking the proper precautions and providing the necessary training for your employees.

Car Wash Design that Meets Regulations and Standards

Car Wash Pro Designers can help you to design and build a car wash that meets the necessary standards for the industry. To learn more, contact us today via our website. Our turnkey car wash projects are an excellent investment. You may even find that by using modern equipment, you help a community to avoid the environmental harm that comes from washing cars at home.


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