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Express Exterior Car Wash Trends FAQ

If you want to invest in an express exterior wash, you should have a little knowledge of the global trends that are going on in the car wash industry. Here are some of the most important factors that can help you to make good decisions regarding what type of wash to design and construct.

Touchless Car Washes Should Be on the Decline

One of the notable things regarding touchless car washes is that it seems to be a North American thing. In other countries, such as in Australia and across Europe where the quality of the wash is the number one concern of drivers, touchless washes never really caught on. As the public in North America continues to be educated on the benefits of modern express exterior washes, expect this trend to follow in the US.

The Tunnel Car Wash Market in the US Is on the Rise

The fact is that there are just not enough express tunnel washes in the US to meet demand. For that reason, wise investors are opening express exterior washes in key locations that are resulting in massive returns. Again, soft touch tunnels are winning out over touchless washes.

The Carwash Industry Is Continuing to Grow

Investors always want to get into an industry while it is booming, not once it has peaked and is on the decline. Right now is the perfect time to open an express exterior wash because there is no reason to suspect that the demand will decrease for these washes any time in the near future. To be competitive, an express $3 wash along with free vacuums gives you a way to bring new customers into your tunnel wash. Then, once they have enjoyed a good experience or two, they will likely opt for the more expensive washes.

Get Started on Your Turnkey Express Exterior Car Wash

As you can see, the global trend and the trend here in the US are for soft touch tunnel car washes to bring in high profits. With that in mind, we want to encourage you to reach out to us at Car Wash Pro Designers for a turnkey express car wash. We offer everything from car wash design to construction. Submit the contact form today to get started on your car wash. Or you can learn more about $3 express exterior car wash design and construction here.


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