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Express Exterior Car Washes, Designed and Built to Last

An express exterior car wash with a tunnel bay that can handle 100 cars per hour is a major investment, so you want yours to be designed and built to last. That takes a team with experience in the industry as well as a finger on the pulse of car wash trends today and forecasts for the future. Car Wash Pro Designers want to build just that sort of wash for you. What are some of the factors that set our washes apart?

The Express Exterior Car Wash Model

This is the most modern and successful car wash type on the market today. Drivers enjoy the tunnel bay experience. Contactless payments and conveyors make the process seamless. A speedy $5 wash draws in new customers, who, in turn, end up opting for the pricier washes as they come back again and again. Free vacuums also add value in the mind of the driver so that they are willing to pay for a premium wash. Unlimited monthly plans lock in revenue month after month and result in faster turnaround time as the driver has already chosen their wash in advance.

Experienced Professionals from Designing to Building to Training

At Car Wash Pro Designers, we’ve already done it all. We’ve designed, built, and operated all sorts of car washes. We know what works and what doesn’t. We know how to help you get a loan for your business, how to choose the right location for a wash, and even how to help you market it properly.

A True Turnkey Business Investment

You don’t just get a car wash and a key to the front door. We train your crew and management staff, so when it is time for your grand opening, you can just sit back and watch your business make money. That’s why serious investors choose Car Wash Pro Designers. When you work with us, you benefit from all of our experience in the car wash industry, even our connections with equipment distributors and car wash chemical suppliers. We take all of the guesswork out of the process for you.

Contact Car Wash Pro Designers today to discuss your car wash investment goals. Whether you want to get your feet wet with one car wash or are ready to start your own regional chain, we can help you get the process rolling and take you all the way to the day customers (and profits) start rolling in.

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