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Give Your Car Wash Customers The 3 Things They Want Most

Owning a car wash can be a profitable investment, but you have to know how to deliver what customers want. Here are three big things your car wash has to provide and how to do it right.

#1 Value

Everyone is looking for a deal. Of course, you cannot sell a great product short of its value and still make money. However, there are ways to add value to your service without cutting your revenue. Here are a few quick ways to make a customer feel like they got a steal.

  • Provide a great wash – The cleaner the car gets, the less a customer will care what it costs.

  • Offer freebies – Free vacuums, dash wipes, towels, air fresheners, etc., are a great way to provide an extra service that costs you very little and provides extra value for customers.

  • Set up a monthly loyalty club – Your customers pay by the month and get a certain number of washes or unlimited washes at the right price point. In fact, the word unlimited is going to increase the value a lot in the mind of a consumer.

  • Start a referral program – Give your loyalty club members extra perks when they get someone else to sign up. It’s a cheap way to find new customers.

#2 An Experience

There are a lot of little details that add up to a customer having a great experience at your wash. Express exterior tunnel washes provide the best experience. There is little to no wait time. The wash is quick but exciting. You can even enhance the experience by using the right colors in your wash. Use blues and greens to create a peaceful spa experience. Use reds and oranges to evoke warmth and excitement. Use fragrance in your chemicals. Light shows are always fun. Logo projectors are a nice touch as well.

Remember too that the experience includes the end results. So, once again, the quality of the wash comes into play.

#3 Customer Service

Your express exterior wash should almost never involve customers interacting with your staff. However, in the event someone does need help, you want your team to be friendly, polite, and knowledgeable. When someone needs to call customer support, you want them to feel appreciated, and you want to work out a solution on the first call.

Turnkey Car Washes That Meet Customer Desires

Car Wash Pro Designers puts our experience to work, from helping you find a great location for your car wash to helping you acquire the needed capital. Then we design and develop a stunning car wash from the ground up that allows you to meet and exceed customer expectations. Get your car wash investment started today!


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