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How Express Car Washes Continue to Thrive During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The car wash industry has been a great investment for several years now. However, the COVID-19 pandemic, while leading to financial disaster for some industries, has only served to make an express car wash an even better investment. Why has this industry continued to thrive in an environment where so many other businesses have suffered? Here are a few of the reasons that express car wash owners are continuing to be successful during these difficult economic times.

The Express Exterior Car Wash – An Essential Service

Keeping a car clean is a necessity for the normal maintenance of a vehicle. A dirty car can see premature body damage and end up becoming unsafe. This is why car washes are counted as an essential business in most states, just like maintenance or repair shops. Federal guidelines include car wash businesses among automotive repair and maintenance businesses. Despite this, a few states still forced car washes to close. However, most followed the national guidelines.

Another thing that makes it easier to keep an express car wash open during a pandemic is that there is very little reason for any contact between workers and customers. A driver can pull up, select a wash, get the car on the conveyor belt, and never come face to face with another person. This also keeps your employees safe. Remember that if you have more than one employee working at a time that you will want to encourage them to follow state and CDC guidelines about social distancing and mask use.

The Cares Act and Car Wash Business

The Cares Act provided emergency relief during the coronavirus pandemic, and it has helped small business owners as well. For car wash owners, the most significant impact has been in regard to the waiving of six months of mortgage payments for businesses that qualified. Many car wash owners have been able to take advantage of this to keep expenses down during the pandemic.

The other big advantage comes through the United States Small Business Administration (SBA). The SBA has worked along with individual states to help provide low-interest loans to businesses that needed it to help survive the pandemic. Some car wash owners have been able to take advantage of this provision.

Car Wash Design, Development, and Consulting

Car Wash Pro Designers is proud to work with investors to help the car wash industry continue to flourish during these difficult times. From turnkey car wash design and construction to consulting services for owners, we’re here to provide the assistance you need.


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