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Marketing 101 for an Express Car Wash

There are several ways to market businesses across varying industries. However, today we are compiling a shortlist of the musts for express car wash owners. These are primary ways that you acquire new clients and turn them into loyal customers for many years to come.

#1 Freebies and Discount Options

A $3 express car wash and free vacuums are a great way to bring in new clients without the major expenses related to most forms of advertising. Simply having signage that advertises these exciting features to drivers as they pass by will be enough to get some people to pull off for a quick wash and vacuum. Then you must entice them back to take advantage of some of the pricier but more practical options. Free Towels and Dash wipes for the primum wash, this provides a unique opportunity to upsell and increase your vehicle profit average.

#2 The Loyalty Program

This is an indispensable marketing tool for an express car wash. Most companies now use loyalty programs to draw customers back again and again with discounts and other bonuses. However, when it comes to a car wash, you have one main goal – to get someone to sign up for a loyalty program. This ensures one of two things. First, the customer will keep coming back to your wash instead of going to a competitor. Second, it provides the customer with a discount for his or her continued loyalty. Make sure to monitor your loyalty program to make sure it is working, and that people are signing up. You may have to adjust as you go to make the plan more appealing.

#3 Utilize Social Media

There are several social media platforms that are optimal for use by a car wash. This allows you to have some engagement with the local community, something that is crucial for local businesses. Facebook and Instagram are often the best ways to showcase your express car wash and interact with people who live nearby. While it is recommended to also have a website for your car wash, you may be able to get away with using your Facebook page as the main company site early on until you decide to invest more in your online presence. You can also use your top posts on Facebook and Instagram for sponsored ad campaigns that target a local audience.

Car Wash Business Tips from the Car Wash Pros

Car Wash Pro Designers know how to design and build a turnkey express car wash as well as make one successful. Contact us today to get your car wash investment started!


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