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Review: Nova Express Car Wash - Carol Stream, IL

"I have been working with Nick and CWPD for 2+ years now developing my first express car wash and it has been nothing short of amazing! From the very beginning they have been by my side every step of the process from finding the land and breaking ground - to interviewing - hiring and training a team - to answering phone calls regarding any and all questions I have had throughout the entire process.

Nick spent extra time with me when it came to designing my office and my control room. He really helped me to give these spaces - along with the entire facility - my own personal touch and design by going the extra mile, listening to the vision that I had for my wash and executing what needed to be done to make that a reality.

Nick, Bill, Jason and Junior are a phenomenal crew who not only made everything extremely easy, but also turned it into a fun experience. They truly care about their clients and will be there to listen and have your back for whatever you need."

- Vish P | Owner

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