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Should You Upgrade Your In-Bay Wash to an Express Exterior Car Wash?

In-bay automatic car washes were a huge upgrade over manual coin-operated wash bays. But now, the express exterior wash has become the dominant wash type in the industry. Why is that the case? And should you upgrade your existing automatic wash bay to an express exterior car wash?

Why Are Express Exterior Car Washes So Popular?

Service businesses are all about providing convenience for customers. In the fast-paced world that we live in today, time is more than just money. Saving your customers time enhances their experience!

 Customers who are still experiencing some trauma due to the pandemic are drawn to services provided with minimal or no human interaction. And many in the younger generation highly value reduced personal interactions with strangers due to spending their youth growing up on devices.

Express exterior car washes meet all of these wants and needs. Conveyor systems are fast and allow your car wash to process dozens of vehicles per hour, virtually eliminating wait time even during your busiest days. Automated systems allow drivers to get their car washed without having to interact with a person, calming anxieties about social interaction and the passing of germs. It’s a modern solution for the world we live in.

Is It Worth It to Convert an In-Bay Wash to an Express Tunnel Wash?

The fact is that there really isn’t an easy way to convert a bay wash to an express tunnel wash. Most bay washes are not even on a property large enough for an express tunnel wash. So, rather than trying to convert a property, we recommend starting from scratch with one of our turnkey express exterior car wash packages. You can maintain the older property for more old-school customers or sell the property to help fund your investment.

Car Wash Pro Designers will be happy to help you go over your options and get the ball rolling. From the planning stages and property acquisition to making sure your staff is well-trained, and your marketing is in place to maximize your ROI, we are with you every step of the way. Contact us today to start exploring your express exterior car wash business opportunity.

We offer modern design and construction techniques combined with decades of car wash ownership and management experience. The result is a cash business that can start generating revenue from day one!


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