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Starting a Unique Car Wash Business from Scratch

A lot goes into starting a car wash business, especially one that will stand out from the competition. There’s no magical element or luck involved. The secrets all have to do with good planning and execution of the project. Here are some of the big steps to think about:

  • Choosing the Right Location – This isn’t the time to settle on a piece of property that isn’t perfect. You want to be in just the right spot, and you need to have enough room for both your express wash and for your customers.

  • Purchasing the Right Equipment – Modern equipment not only saves a car wash money but it also provides a better wash for customers. That will keep people coming back for more.

  • Building Plans and Construction – Making sure that the right team is in place both to plan and build your wash is vital.

  • Financing your Project – A turn-key car wash operation designed and built by a professional company will cost 2-3 million dollars, plus the land costs. This means being able to show a diversified portfolio to a lender, so you can secure the funds to proceed.

  • Hiring the Right Team – A modern car wash shouldn’t require a lot of manpower to run. However, you want the people you hire to be dependable and honest. Hiring the right people can make a big difference in whether people come back to your wash after their first visit, so be sure to hire workers who are good with people as well.

  • Marketing Your New Wash – Another important step is making sure that everyone knows there is a new wash in town. Branding your wash well and choosing the right marketing outlets can make a huge difference. Digital marketing can be particularly lucrative.

  • Start a Loyalty Program – This is important in almost every industry nowadays. Retaining loyal customers involves providing the right perks.

The Best Turn-Key Car Wash Building and Design

Of course, you can simplify the entire process by hiring the right team to design and develop a turn-key operation for you. That’s where Car Wash Pro Designers comes in. We’re car wash owners, designers, builders, and equipment distributors. We can even help you put together a business plan designed to acquire the capital for your project. To get started, contact us today! We’re always ready to help investors get involved in the flourishing car wash industry.


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