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The Best Add-Ons to Improve Car Wash Customer Satisfaction

Customers are seeking value and experience in everything that they do. This even applies to getting a car wash. How can you boost customer satisfaction and win your local car wash competition? Here are some of the top car wash add-ons that will increase value and improve the experience in the eyes of your customers.

Make It Super Convenient to Use Your Wash

The whole purpose of the car wash industry is convenience. If your customers didn’t care about convenience, they would be washing the car at home in their driveway. So how can you make your car wash more convenient for your customers?

  • Contactless payments – Customers love a quick payment system, and during/after the pandemic, they will also appreciate not having to touch anything.

  • Easy access to the lot – No one wants to risk their life for a car wash. It has to be easy and safe to get in and out of the lot.

  • No wait times – If there is a line winding around your parking lot and into the street, drivers will just pass by. If the wait time is too long, that removes the convenience.

Add a Splash of Color

Bright colors can enhance the experience of customers at your wash. Here are just a few places to think about.

  • The car wash equipment – Use brightly colored foam brushes so that your customers feel like they are traveling through a rainbow as they get their car cleaned.

  • The cleaning agents – Tri-color foam is a favorite, especially for kids. Of course, it has been around long enough that it is also nostalgic for adults who are unlikely to pass on an upgrade that adds some fun.

  • The property – Don’t forget the landscaping. Some beautiful flowers and green spaces can enhance the overall experience for customers.

Keep It Sustainable

When customers know that you use water reclamation and environmentally friendly cleaning agents, they are more likely to be happy with your wash. Don’t forget to promote your sustainable practices in your marketing and post signage proudly at your car wash. It is especially important to educate consumers so that they know getting a car wash uses less water and produces less waste than washing a car in their own driveway at home.

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