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The Conveyor Belt: A Crucial Element of Your Express Exterior Car Wash

The car wash industry is constantly seeking to make the experience better for the consumer. After all, the UX is often the reason someone will use your express exterior car wash regularly rather than washing their car in their driveway. The conveyor belt is a crucial part of this experience and is a big part of the reason that express exterior car washes are the best-performing type of wash in the industry.

Here are a few ways that conveyors enhance the experience for customers:

  • Time-saving – Waiting in a long line while cars pull into a bay one at a time is frustrating and definitely hurts the user experience. Depending on the type of car wash equipment and conveyor system you install, an express exterior wash may be able to clear dozens of vehicles per hour, preventing a line from forming around the parking lot on even your busiest summer days.

  • Easy to use – The easier it is to pull a car into the wash, the less stressful the experience is for the driver. Conveyors basically do all the work and create a simple experience for your customers.

  • Safe for vehicles – You definitely don’t want the vehicles of drivers to take any damage at your wash. Conveyors keep the vehicle exactly where it is supposed to be so that your wash can clean the car without any bumps or scrapes that would immediately destroy a user’s experience and probably result in a claim against your car wash.

  • Best for a wide range of customers – A conveyor prevents drivers from having to get up onto one of those “speed bump” blocks in the wash bay. So even drivers with a vehicle that is very low to the ground can load onto the conveyor. And modern conveyors can also accept larger SUVs and trucks. This allows a wider range of vehicle owners to use your wash.

Are You Ready to Build the Ultimate Express Exterior Car Wash?

Car Wash Pro Designers offers turnkey express exterior car washes to savvy investors across the nation. Get in touch today to learn more about how we can take you from the planning phase all the way through the day-to-day operations and marketing phases of express exterior car wash ownership. This is a serious investment opportunity for serious investors only, so be sure to check out our express exterior car wash specifications page today!


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