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The Future of the Industry Is the $3 Express Exterior Car Wash

Car Wash Pro Designers have been a leader in the car wash industry for more than 30 years. Our expertise in the design, construction, and management of car washes, combined with being equipment distributors, puts us on the front lines. What is the future of car washes? The $3 express exterior car wash. Here are the reasons why this is the car wash of the future and why you should have your turnkey car wash business designed and built by Car Wash Pro Designers.

Express Car Washes Produce Maximum Profit

We know those are the magic words for business investors, but the fact is that if you’re going to spend a few million dollars on a turnkey business, you should be expected to make that back many times over. With an $3 express exterior car wash, that is possible. Some owners exceed $2 million per year in profits. How is that possible?

A $3 wash is an exciting and highly effective way to attract customers who are sick of paying $15-20 for the same wash at a full service operation. Express Exterior car wash facilities can get a customer in and out under 4 minutes, where full service washes can take 30-45 minutes for the same quality of wash. Once you build up the volume, you won’t have a problem handling it. That is because these express bays pop out a vehicle every 20 seconds while operating at max capacity. That means you can wash 180 cars per hour!

With no lines, customers are more likely to come back again and again to get a great exterior cleaning for less. Those repeat customers help to ensure that you can utilize the express bay to the full and maximize revenue and profits on these extremely efficient wash tunnels.

Why Choose Car Wash Pro Designers for Your Turnkey Project?

We utilize an 8-step process that literally takes you from the idea of wanting to be a car wash owner to opening your doors and starting to profit. Our turnkey car wash design and construction services include:

Finding and acquiring land (land costs are not included in estimates)

  • Land evaluation

  • Acquiring the necessary zoning from the city

  • Providing architectural, civil, mechanical, site plans, and landscape drawings

  • Development of both the land and the building

  • Providing car wash equipment

  • Providing cleaning products

  • Training both staff and ownership to run a successful car wash business

Besides all of this, projects can be financed with as little as 15% of the total turnkey costs put down in advance. To learn more contact Car Wash Pro Designers today!



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