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The Secrets to Increasing Your Express Exterior Car Wash Revenue

An express exterior car wash can make a lot of money, but you can increase the revenue by following a few simple guidelines. Here are our tips for increasing the funds that flow into your car wash business.

#1 Have a $3 Base Wash

This may sound like it is going to decrease your revenue to offer such an inexpensive wash. However, few people will actually use the $3 wash on a regular basis. It is an effective marketing tactic to have a huge sign on the side of your car wash that says you offer a $3 wash. Include add-ons with your wash packages to offer an ala carte experience.

#2 Offer Several Washes at Incremental Price Points

Sure, they go for the express exterior wash if they are in a hurry and on a tight budget. However, if they want one of the other levels, it’s going to cost significantly more. Use signage to show just how much more comes with the enhanced washes so that drivers are always tempted to upgrade. Do not name the washes like Starbucks names their coffee sizes. Make them something easy to remember, like good, better, and ultimate.

#3 Provide Value

Customers are always looking for value. Extra perks (free vacuums, or free bug prep area for example) will bring a customer back, even if your regular prices are a little steeper than the competition. You also want to make sure that you are providing a superior service, so invest in equipment that leaves cars sparkling clean. The more features you add on to each wash as the price goes up, the more likely you are to have drivers just go for the top option.

#4 Create an Experience

A car wash is fun and relaxing for most people anyway. Find little ways to boost that experience even more. Use bright colors the right way in your wash to enhance the emotions you want customers to experience. Tri-color foam, interior light show, or scented chemicals is always a favorite of kids, and a parent may even spring for the more expensive wash just to see the smile on their child’s face.

#5 Create a Loyalty Program with Great Incentives

Whether you offer bonus washes for referring others or you have an unlimited monthly wash that automatically renews every month at a fixed price, be sure that loyal customers are feeling the love from your business.

Get Your Express Exterior Car Wash Started Today!

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