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Three Key Elements to an Environmentally Conscious Car Wash

Sustainability, environmental consciousness, eco-friendly, and reduced carbon footprint are just some of the buzzwords that are related to climate change. Of course, to truly be an environmentally conscious car wash, you cannot just be throwing around buzzwords and going through the motions. Consumers will see through hypocrisy.

The real reason environmentally-friendly solutions have not been popular in the past is due to the added expense. Today, we will discuss some options that are good for the environment and your business, even if they cost a little extra up front.

Options to Save on Energy Usage

You need to find the right balance between low-horsepower pumps that do not use as much energy and pumps that will actually get cars clean. Fortunately, the car wash equipment industry realizes the need for this type of product, and there are now many options to help you reduce the carbon footprint of your car wash while still offering a superior service. As a benefit for you, this will also reduce energy costs for the business.

Cleaning Agents and Equipment

When it comes to soaps and detergents, there are two approaches to keeping things eco-friendly and/or biodegradable. The first is to use green cleaning agents that are not harmful to the environment. The second is to use an efficient delivery system that gets the car clean without spraying unnecessary amounts of product or water. Another bonus for you: the products are not wasted. Thus, this is another way to keep costs down.

Water Reverse Osmosis Systems

Water waste is the elephant in the room when you are talking about washing cars. The good news is that thanks to efficient equipment and the reuse of discharge water from reverse osmosis systems, you can now boast that your wash uses significantly less water per vehicle than someone washing a car in their own driveway. Depending on the how the equipment installer sets up your R/O system, the discharge water from that system can be used at the earlier part of the wash to presoak or prepping a vehicle vs dumping it down the drain. You will be able to reuse 100% of the that discharge water. Again, you are going to be saving a ton on the water bill besides doing something good for the community and the environment in general.

Invest in a Modern Express Exterior Car Wash Today!

At Car Wash Pro Designers, we want to help you build a car wash business that will be profitable. That means keeping costs down, maximizing revenue, and even taking into consideration the environment when selecting equipment. Contact us to get your turnkey car wash project started today.


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