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Three Ways to Boost Dryer Performance at Your Car Wash

Using a car wash is all about the experience and convenience. That comes down to a lot of little details. Price is just one factor for consumers, and it may be a smaller one than you think. Everything from how long they have to wait in line to the payment system to the quality of the wash will determine if someone becomes a repeat customer.

One pet peeve of drivers is to leave a car wash trailing water all over the place that will end up spotting the finish. While using reverse osmosis water in the final rinse will help, getting the car dry is one of the most essential things you can do to boost customer satisfaction.

Here are three tips to help you get cars as dry as possible in your express tunnel can wash.

#1 Keep the Conveyor Moving at a Reasonable Speed

The temptation is to run your tunnel conveyor as fast as it can go to maximize how many cars you can clear per hour. However, except at your busiest times, that is rarely necessary. Try to find a balance that provides the best wash and dry while still moving things along. If cars are coming out of the tunnel wet, the conveyor speed may be dragging them through the drying area too quickly.

#2 Keep Your pH Levels Balanced

Your water and chemicals are all going to vary in pH level, with some more acidic and some leaning toward alkaline. If you can level off the pH as the car is reaching the dryers, they may be able to get the job done faster. This calls for carefully planning the wash and the points throughout the tunnel when the vehicle is hit with different chemicals.

#3 Start with the Best Equipment

If you are not using strong enough dryers or they are not working properly, it doesn’t matter how long a car spends in that part of the tunnel or what the pH level is. Your dryers are not the place to skimp on your equipment if you want to leave your customers satisfied.

Hire the Best Car Wash Design and Construction Team

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