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Tips for Selecting a Profitable Location for Your Express Exterior Car Wash

There are a lot of things that can affect how successful your express exterior car wash will be. While this is a lucrative industry, you want to maximize your opportunities. Picking the perfect location is one of the crucial factors in determining how much revenue you can anticipate. So, let’s consider some tips to help you make a good choice.

Crucial Factors Regarding Car Wash Location

Your location is going to impact your business from the planning stages onward, so here are some of the essential things to consider.

  • Zoning – Is the property already zoned properly? If not, can it be rezoned?

  • Acreage – Is there enough real estate for the wash, a vacuum station, and plenty of room for cars to maneuver without customers running into each other?

  • Utilities – Will you have to run utility lines? How far you are from existing utility lines will significantly impact the cost.

  • Vehicle count – How many cars pass the site? Is it enough that your signage will be visible to many potential customers each day?

  • Land cost – How much is the property going to set you back? Remember that a turnkey express exterior wash is going to cost somewhere in the range of $2.5-5 million on top of the land costs and banking fees.

  • Speed limit – How fast will cars be driving past your car wash? You want it to be safe for drivers to pull in and out of the lot, and also notice the facility while traveling that route.

  • Local demographics – Do enough people live in the area who drive and perhaps even own multiple vehicles?

  • The dreaded center median – Dealing with a center median isn’t a total dealbreaker, but it will impact whether someone driving in the other direction will stop in at your wash, and it may affect the convenience of drivers coming out of the wash who wish they could turn the other way out of the lot.

  • Competition – Is there a well-established car wash nearby? If so, are there enough customers to support another wash? Is it a modern wash, or will you have no problem attracting customers to your express exterior wash?

These are many of the vital considerations that will go into acquiring the ideal property for your car wash business.

Get Your Express Exterior Car Wash Business Started the Right Way

The best way to start your express exterior car wash business is to get in touch with Car Wash Pro Designers. From helping you find the perfect location to the grand opening, our turnkey car wash projects take you from the drawing board to a profitable business.


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