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Tips for Your Car Wash Social Media Accounts

Do you recognize the importance of having a social media presence for your car wash but are uncertain of what to post? Today, we will provide you with a few tips to help you use this valuable marketing tool in a smarter way.

#1 Make People Laugh

Social media is all about socializing, so people appreciate it when you make them laugh. Try to use timeless humor so that your posts age well. The Internet has a long memory, so anything offensive will definitely stay with your brand.

#2 Find a Cause to Get Behind

Showing your support for a worthy cause helps to reveal your brand’s values. Finding ways to give back to the local community is best because this allows you to catch the interest of potential repeat customers. But don’t shy away from national causes if you find a charity or organization you prefer.

#3 Repost Content from Loyal Customers

When a brand advocate pops up online without any sort of solicitation, this is a great way to get new customers at no cost to you. In fact, providing some perks to brand advocates costs you very little in the long run and keeps them promoting the car wash for you.

#4 Hold a Contest

Give away a free month of your loyalty plan. What’s the catch? Make people repost your content, tag your car wash in their posts, use a specific hashtag you choose, or create content based on your brand. It’s all virtually free advertising. Plus, another person gets to see firsthand how good your unlimited wash plan is and will probably sign up to pay when the free gift is over. This is why social media giveaways are so popular. The company providing the free gift wins all the way around, even though they are providing some perks in return.

#5 Set Brand Goals

Do you remember when Wendy’s promised fans they would bring back spicy chicken nuggets if their post got 2 million likes? Well, guess what – it worked! Even Chance the Rapper got in on the action raving about how much he missed that tasty treat. So find ways to encourage likes, reposts, hashtag use, comments, and other interactions.

Get Invested in a Successful Car Wash Business of Your Own

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