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Updating Payment Methods at Your Express Exterior Car Wash

The era of contactless payments is upon us. While concerns over COVID-19 transmission have hastened the change, most people would acknowledge that things were already heading in that direction. How can you take your business into the modern world and add contactless payment options for your car wash customers? Here are some of the top tips for updating your payment options.

Styles of Payment That Are Becoming Outdated

First, let us discuss a couple of payment options that have become outdated. These are payment methods you may have to hang onto for a little while due to some older clients. However, you are going to want to phase them out eventually.

  • Paying a clerk or cashier – This is the most archaic way to take payment. First, most people can operate an automated payment system, so this is rarely necessary. Second, whether you are paying with cash or a credit card, you are exchanging items and getting close to another person – a big no-no for spreading germs.

  • Using cash in general – Cash carries a lot of microbes. Plus, it can easily be lost or stolen. There are just so many reasons that people are moving away from cash, you do not even want to assume that your customers will have any on them.

Modern Contactless Payment Options

Here are some of the options that can modernize the way your car wash accepts payments and reduce points of contact between consumers.

  • Upsell at the pay stations – If your car wash is an express, allow customers the option to add-on car wash upgrades while paying at the pay stations.

  • Contactless credit card payments – More credit cards are being redesigned with an RFID chip. This allows the customer to simply tap the card against your payment device as long as you are using a machine that accepts RFID payments.

  • Contactless smartphone payments – NFC readers allow drivers to pay simply by getting their smartphone near the payment device and selecting the payment option from their phone.

  • Monthly prepaid memberships – Get people to join your loyalty club and have them pay in advance. For example, the customer may make a recurring payment online with a credit card and then receive as many monthly washes as they like. A barcode scanner is used to identify themselves with no contact or payment taking place at the car wash.

Looking Toward the Future of the Car Wash Industry

From point-of-sale to car cleaning equipment, Car Wash Pro Designers is on the cutting edge of designing and constructing turnkey express car wash businesses. Contact us today to get your investment started.


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