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Using a Sign Spinner to Bring Business to Your Car Wash

We’ve all seen them and think that it’s ridiculous. However, when you get home and realize you still remember the business that was advertising with the sign spinner, it suddenly doesn’t seem like a waste of money anymore. With summer on the way, you may wonder if a sign spinner can bring in some money to your wash. Here are a few statistics that you may find interesting.

Results of a Experiment

Are they just trying to sell signs? Of course! Are the results of the study still useful? Absolutely! Here are some things that learned by experimenting with signs of different colors and word counts while also using sign spinners vs. stationary signs.

  • A person holding a sign created a 153% boost in actions taken by drivers vs. a standalone sign. If the person was moving the sign, that increased to 168% more activity.

  • The fewer words on the sign, the better – The best performing sign had only 6 words on it as opposed to a sign with a 25-word sentence that performed the worst.

  • Signs with higher contrast and color on the text produced 23% more results.

  • Larger signs received a 75% greater response than smaller signs.

What are the main takeaways from this limited study?

  • Yes, people actually see signs, so be sure to use signage to your advantage.

  • Having a human involved boosts engagement – This may not be an expense that you want all the time, but when introducing a new wash or highlighting a special promotion, it is a great way to add impact to your signage.

  • Contrasting colors are more impactful – Pro tip: the highest contrast pairing is black and white.

  • Keep it simple – You’re probably familiar with the acronym TLDR (too long didn’t read). If it’s true when people are on the Internet, it will definitely be true for drivers.

  • Give drivers time to react – If they see your sign after passing the entrance to your car wash, very few will turn around.

  • Visibility is the key – Have your sign where many will pass it. Make sure it easily readable. A sign that is readable from a stoplight or stop sign will give drivers more time to read it safely.

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