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Using Social Media to Take Your Car Wash Business to the Next Level

Social media has become a primary way to market businesses online. Whether you want to keep things free or you want to explore sponsored ads, social media can be a great way to introduce your brand to the neighborhood. Here are a few tips to help you do it right.

  • Use the right social media platforms – For most businesses, that means Facebook and Instagram. Using images and video to interact with consumers is essential in the modern market.

  • Provide useful information – You will want to share the location of your business so that it is easier for someone to pop the directions into their GPS and head on over for a wash. This is usually one click with social media sites, so that is a nice way to bring in a customer on the road. You can also use your social media sites to share business news. For example, don’t forget to tell everyone if you are closed for a holiday or a weather event.

  • Target local consumers – If you decide to sponsor a post, be sure to target people who are close enough to bring their car in for a wash. Filters can also help you to target consumers who are of driving age.

  • Interact with the community – On your page, you do not want to be all business. Save that for your sponsored ads. Your company page should keep things light and encourage interaction with the community. Respond politely to comments, whether positive or negative.

  • Post your best images – Make your car wash look exciting. Post pictures or videos taken through the windshield during a wash, so customers get that pleasant feeling of actually being in the car wash tunnel. Remind everyone about your free vacuums, show off your new website, provide a menu of options so customers can decide what they want before they arrive. And, of course, plug your loyalty program.

If you use social media the right way, you can encourage people to come to your car wash and remain loyal customers.

Get Your Professionally Marketed, Designed and Constructed Car Wash

If you are interested in investing in a car wash, Car Wash Pro Designers is here to offer out turnkey projects. You supply the capital, and we do the rest (and we will even help you develop a business plan to secure the capital). Contact us today to get your express exterior car wash project started!


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