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Why Your Car Wash Needs a Blog

Every car wash requires marketing in order to bring in new customers and to remind your existing customers that you haven’t seen them in a while. How can a blog play a role in your digital marketing and online presence? Here are a few reasons that every car wash should have a blog.

Improve Your Website’s SEO

You want your website to be easily searchable, especially when it comes to local traffic. Your blog is a great place to use keywords that will drive targeted traffic to your website. The other advantage to a blog is that it keeps your website updated on a regular basis with relevant content. This is an important ranking factor for search engines. Finally, a blog is a great way to hold traffic on your site as they read an article and watch an accompanying video. Keeping a person on your site longer signals positive engagement to search engines and also helps to boost your rank.

Give Your Social Media Sites Content to Share

You know that you need social media accounts to give your car wash an Internet presence. But what can you post about? Having a regularly updated blog gives you relevant content to share, and it also drives traffic to your website. In this way, you begin to see your digital marketing strategy connect so that your car wash shifts from being a business to a brand in the minds of consumers.

Educate Consumers About Your Car Wash

Why is it better to get your car washed at an express tunnel than doing it yourself in the driveway? What eco-friendly solutions has your car wash implemented to protect the environment? How does a water reverse osmosis (R/O) system work? What are the features of your newest wash option? You can answer questions like these and convince local drivers of the need to give your car wash a try.

Invest in a Turnkey Express Exterior Car Wash Today!

Car Wash Pro Designers is your source for a turnkey business investment. Our express exterior car wash projects go from the drawing board to making you profits, and we take it every step of the way. Serious investors should contact us right away to get on the schedule for your project. From helping you find the investment capital to providing ongoing tips for management and marketing of your wash, we can walk you through every component of the industry and right into a profitable business.

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