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3 Mistakes That Could Lose Business for an Express Wash

An express wash is a great way to earn a quick return on investment with a cash business. However, there are a few mistakes you have to avoid. If you make any of these big blunders, your customers may decide to find another carwash. With that in mind, here are the three biggest mistakes carwash owners can make.

#1 Not Being the Fastest Wash in Town

Top speed express washes with conveyer belt systems can pull upwards of 250 vehicles through the wash in an hour during peak times. If you opt for a less expensive system that can’t churn through vehicles fast enough, the lines will scare away new customers and maybe even some of your previous clientele. You want your car wash to be the fastest in town. Remember, it is all about convenience when it comes to getting a car washed at an express wash.

#2 Not Having the Most Convenient Location

Sticking with the idea that express wash = convenience, you need to be sure it is convenient for cars to get in and out of your lot. If you are in a spot that is too congested with traffic, it is no longer convenient to get in and out of your parking lot, especially when things are busy. This makes selecting the right property for your wash an important consideration. Both ingress and egress should be at least as convenient as it is at any competing washes.

#3 Not Providing the Best Quality Wash

Once again, this comes back to choosing the right car wash equipment for your $3 express exterior wash. No one wants to get home from the car wash and feel like the money was wasted, regardless of whether they picked the $3 option or the $10 option. Selecting the best quality equipment will help to ensure that every customer is satisfied.

Helping Investors to Become Successful Car Wash Owners

At Car Wash Pro Designers, we design and build the most efficient express car washes available today. We’re also proud distributors of high-quality car wash equipment from Sonny’s Car Wash Systems. All of this adds up to helping investors ensure you don’t squander your capital on a subpar wash. A high-quality wash, in a convenient location, that can handle just about any number of customers is your key to express wash ownership success. Contact us today about your express exterior car wash!

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