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5 Things to Do When Using Email Marketing for Your Express Car Wash

5 Things to Do When Using Email Marketing for Your Express Car Wash

Marketing is an important aspect of every modern business, and much of that marketing is now performed digitally. Once you have amassed a list of email addresses (often through rewards programs and customer satisfaction surveys), you have a great way to reach all of your customers with special offers and reminders that they are due for a wash. Here are 5 ways to be successful using email marketing for your express car wash.

  1. Optimize the message for all screens – The majority of your customers may actually use a mobile device to check their email. That means you want your marketing emails to be optimized for viewing on any device.

  2. Come up with a great subject line – Your customers will be using two things to determine whether or not to read an email – the sender name and the subject line. That means unless someone is crazy about car washes and will open every email from your business regardless of what it is about, you need to come up with a subject line that will get customers to click on your email.

  3. Pay attention to analytics – Are people opening your email but then not clicking on the link to receive the offer? Change your email content. Are people clicking on the link but not performing the action you want once onsite (following your social media, signing up for a new loyalty program, etc.)? It’s time to change the landing page content. Use analytics to learn what parts of your email marketing are working and which are not.

  4. Test your campaigns – Try sending out your email messages with two different subject lines and see which one gets more people to open it. Then use that format in the future. Use two different types of content inside the message (combinations of text, images, videos, etc.) and see which one gets more clicks. Then use that for future campaigns.

Invest in Your Express Exterior Car Wash Today

If you are looking for an industry with a ton of potential for return on your investment, then an express wash may be the business for you! A turnkey wash can go from the design phase to open doors for about $2-3 million (plus land costs). If you are ready to get into a cash business where you can quickly start to turn your investment into profits, then contact Car Wash Pro Designers today to see how we can help you get there.

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