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3 Tips for a Successful Summer at Your Car Wash

Summertime is a busy part of the year for car washes. The weather is better, and people are out and about in their vehicles, traveling and heading to other places they will want to show off a spotless car. So does that mean you can just sit back, relax, and watch the profits roll in? You could, but not if you want to maximize that revenue and increase your bottom line. Here are three tips to help make it a successful summer at your car wash.

#1 Beautify the Car Wash Property

Making the property attractive is an affordable way to bring in new customers and enhance the experience for your repeat clients. Have your landscaping team ensure you have plenty of brightly colored flowers. It’s also a good time to make sure any paint is in good condition, and add a fresh coat if you need to. Don’t let anything remain drab or stained during summertime.

#2 Get Your Staff Ready

Having the right employees and training them well can improve productivity during the summer months. You may have additional staff members on hand to cope with busy times during the summer months. However, those busy hours are likely to fade if you get a day with poor weather. A well-trained staff can use that downtime to perform normal maintenance around the facility so that you still get high value from the labor. It makes sense to cross-train all of your employees so that each one can perform necessary routine assignments as well as simple maintenance procedures.

#3 Offer Great Summer Promotions

Now is the time to hook customers on your monthly plans. Offer a discount on the first month or even several months to get customers to sign up. They may use the plan more during the summer months but are also unlikely to cancel as their enthusiasm wanes in the fall (especially if you provide a great experience every time). This can help bolster your revenue all year long, even though it may slightly cut into summer profits to offer discounts on unlimited wash plans.

Invest in Your Dream Business with Car Wash Pro Designers

Car Wash Pro Designers offers turnkey express exterior car wash businesses to serious investors. To learn more, contact us today. Our team can take you from writing up a business plan through the grand opening and even your employee and management training. When we say turnkey, we mean that all you do is put up the money for the investment, and we take care of everything else.


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