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5 Ways to Make Your Car Wash the Most Popular in Town

A car wash is a big investment, but it also has the potential to earn a lot of money. How can you ensure that your express exterior car wash is one that local car owners choose? Here are five tips to help you make your car wash business successful.

#1 Signage

Visibility is crucial. You work hard and spend money to find the most profitable location to build your car wash. Now you need to take advantage of that location with the best signage. Make sure passersby know that you offer a $3 exterior wash, free vacuums, and other value add-ons. Once they use your wash for the first time and have a good experience, you can be sure they will come back again and again (and they’ll likely purchase the more expensive wash options).

#2 Loyalty Program

The popular option for express exterior car washes has become the monthly unlimited membership. This ensures income on a monthly basis regardless of how often members use your wash. Subscription services are very popular with the younger generations who don’t want to be bothered with getting their wallet out.

#3 Social Media

It is more essential than ever before to connect with your target audience socially. Use your social accounts to talk about what you are doing for the community and to showcase your beautiful wash and the results drivers can get from using it.

#4 Direct Marketing Campaigns

Collecting emails, phone numbers for texting, and other points of digital contact are vital. You then need to use these to advertise your latest deals. Whether it is a discounted wash or perhaps a limited-time discount on a monthly unlimited membership, the more local drivers you can contact directly, the more successful the campaign will be.

#5 Local Partnerships

The best way for local businesses to grow is to team up with other local businesses so that your customers learn about one another’s brands. You can also sponsor local fundraisers and things related to community projects, schools, and the like. This shows that your company is committed to the good of the neighborhood and not just making a quick dollar off of the people who live there.

Get Your Turnkey Express Car Wash

Car Wash Pro Designers has the experience you want in your corner when entering the industry. From finding the perfect spot for your wash to ensuring your employees are well-trained, we walk our clients through every step – from the drawing board to running a successful business. Contact us today!


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