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Are Your Car Wash Vacuums Bringing in Customers or Scaring Them Away?

Vacuums are a common part of a car wash business and for good reason. The more you can do to provide a complete service so that the car owner doesn’t still have work to do to clean the car when they get home, the more likely a consumer is to use your wash instead of cleaning the vehicle in their driveway. However, your vacuums can be either a boon to business or a liability. What factors determine if your car wash vacuums bring in customers or send them to a competitor?

  • Function – Obviously, the big thing is that the vacuums have to work. If they don’t get the job done and someone has to vacuum again when they get home, they are likely to try a competitor’s vacuums next time.

  • Accessibility – Where are your vacuums in the lot? Does someone have to go through the tunnel wash to get to the vacuums, or can someone simply vacuum and leave if that is all they need today? Does the lot provide plenty of room to get in and out of the vacuum bays safely on a busy day?

  • Price – Our suggestion on vacuum pricing is always free. This is an add-on service that adds value to your wash. Use it to bring customers in and keep them happy. For the minimal amount of expense to run the vacuums, you maximize the added value to your customers, and that can result in car wash brand loyalty.

  • Availability – Do you have enough vacuum bays that everyone can use them when you hit peak business levels? This is essential because customers mentally factor in the free vacuums when they pay for the wash. No available vacuum bays make the driver feel cheated. They really don’t cost you anything when there is no one vacuuming, so having enough bays for everyone is just smart business.

Get Your Car Wash Designed to Please the Masses

Car Wash Pro Designers know how to design and build a car wash that will keep customers happy and result in repeat business for your brand. We’re looking for serious investors who know how much money there is to be made in the express exterior car wash industry. Get in touch today to learn about our turnkey car wash projects. We can take you from the drawing board to opening day and beyond with our exclusive services.


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