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Developing the Express Car Wash Experience

Customers often come to a car wash the first time for the price. But they come back because they had a great experience. How can your express exterior car wash capitalize on these consumer tendencies? Here are a few tips for drawing in customers and then creating the kind of experience that will result in brand loyalty.

The Draw of the $3 Express Wash with Free Vacuums

The first step in securing your customer base is choosing the right location. You want people to see your signage as they pass by. The idea of $3 express exterior wash and free vacuums are tough for a driver to pass up. But you want customers to come back and go for the more expensive wash options. That means providing a great experience.

Creating the Right Experience at Your Express Wash

There are three primary things that drivers are looking for in their express exterior car wash experience:

  • Convenience – It needs to be easy to get in and out of your lot. It also needs to be easy to purchase a wash. Most people initially have a difficult time working pay stations. So customer service and customer assistance is key in the express wash process and experience.

  • Speed – No one wants to wait on a long line for a car wash, especially if they pulled into a lot on a whim. The good news is that express exterior washes can take care of hundreds of cars per hour, sometimes upwards of 230 depending on the equipment you have installed.

  • Cleanliness – No one is going to return to a car wash if they get home and see water spots or that the car just isn’t clean. Obviously, you are going to include some extras on your more expensive washes that the $3 wash won’t provide, but the car still has to be clean.

Express Exterior Car Washes Are a Good Investment

If you can find a location where drivers frequently pass by, an express exterior wash can quickly provide a return on your investment. From the signage that draws in consumers to the experience that brings them back to your wash over and over again, Car Wash Pro Designers know how to help investors maximize their returns. Contact us today to get your turnkey car wash projected started. We can take you from land shopping to your first customer and beyond!


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