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Doing the Prep Work for Express Exterior Car Wash Success

You will likely agree that any work you put into a business venture during the planning phase is a way of investing your time to increase the chances of a successful outcome. What are some things that you can pay attention to in the planning phase of an express exterior car wash to improve your odds of opening a massively successful business? Here are a few suggestions.

  • Think about the location. This is one of the biggest factors. A town may be large enough to support multiple car washes, but if one is in a prime location and the other one is not, you could see one succeed and one fail. When you think about location, you need to consider the number of cars that drive by daily, how easy it will be to get in and out of the lot, whether there is a median, and if the lot is big enough to support the wash tunnel, the vacuums, your landscaping, and some space for cars to maneuver when you are busy.

  • Consider the tunnel size, speed, and equipment. You want the wash to be big enough to provide all of the features customers will want, but you also have to balance how long a wash will take. You can adjust this slightly with the speed of the conveyer and the wash types.

  • Think about sustainability. You also need to consider your car wash's impact on the environment. How much of the water can be saved by a water reclamation system? How will you dispose of wastewater? There may be some state or local regulations involved as well. You also want to source your car wash detergents properly. It’s not just about earth-friendly ingredients. You also want to be able to use as little as possible.

  • Consider your marketing. You want to think about how you are going to sell car washes and unlimited monthly memberships right from day one. Will you have a really cheap wash type to draw in customers? Will you offer the vacuums as a free add-on? How far will your signage be visible?

A Car Wash Design and Construction Team with Real Experience

Car Wash Pro Designers are more than just professionals at designing car washes. We’ve also built and run successful car wash businesses. Put our decades of experience to work for you, and contact us regarding a turnkey express exterior car wash today!


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