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Don’t Let The Labor Shortage Impact Your Car Wash

Many businesses are short on employees, especially in the hospitality and service industries. There are many reasons for this. Businesses that had to let employees go earlier in the pandemic are now struggling to find people who want to come back to work for businesses that may just lay them off again if a variant causes another surge. Then there are those who feel that businesses in these industries don’t pay a “living wage” – a sufficient hourly rate to allow a person to sustain normal daily necessities such as rent, food, and clothing.

So what can you do to hire and hang onto good employees who will benefit your business in the long term? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Pay a living wage for your area – This won’t be the same everywhere. However, the one thing that most places will find is true is that the federal minimum wage won’t be enough to entice new employees or hang onto existing ones.

  • Offer the right benefits – Don’t just provide your employees with the minimums required by your state. A few extra vacation or sick days won’t put you out of business and may be just what your employees need to feel appreciated.

  • Offer additional perks – Everyone likes a bonus to show they are appreciated for going the extra mile. Whether it is kickbacks for the employees who sign up the most club members or just bonuses for the whole team when they keep the equipment well maintained and go extended periods of time without the need for repairs, find financial ways to show the hard work of your staff doesn’t go unappreciated.

  • Provide the proper training – No one likes to do a job they don’t understand. When an employee is well-trained, they can feel good about their work. Cross-training your employees to care for car wash equipment, the point-of-sale system, and other crucial day-to-day car wash operations will allow you to operate with fewer employees. This can provide you with the ability to really spoil those few key employees so they stay with you for the long haul.

The Best Training Your Team Could Ever Ask For

Car Wash Pro Designers offer you the opportunity to get into the car wash industry with a 100% functional turnkey business. A car wash business isn’t turnkey unless you have experienced management and staff. That’s why we offer our clients up to six months of training on a mirrored facility to the one we are building for you. You, your management staff, and your employees are all experienced car wash operators on day one. Now that is turnkey!


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