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Facts You Should Know Before Investing a New Car Wash

A new car wash business, professionally designed and constructed, can cost several million dollars. So we thought serious investors would want to know about a few vital statistics before entertaining that degree of investment. We hope these statistics confirm for you that this industry can provide a strong ROI.

8 in 10 Car Washes Belong to Small Business Owners

Don’t let a recent car wash chain going public fool you into thinking there are only a few big players in the game. There is plenty of room for another car wash business, a local chain, or even a national chain. Who knows, if you grow your car wash chain large enough, you may even get the attention of that public company. They seem to like buying other chains.

Global Estimates Put Car Wash Water Usage at 304 Million Gallons Per Day

This means that you want your car wash to stand out by having a smaller environmental footprint. A water reclamation system can ensure that you are reusing over 80% of the water. That cuts your utility bill, places less strain on the environment, and provides you with a marketing point for eco-conscious consumers.

28% of Car Wash Users Buy 66% of All Car Washes

This consumer study revealed that about one-quarter of your customers would buy two-thirds of the washes you sell. It also means that you have a very specific target audience for marketing purposes. If you can lock those customers into an unlimited monthly membership plan, you can have a customer for life.

Winter Is The Most Popular Car Wash Season

You may have expected it to be summer, but winter is king for car wash owners. That means you want year-round functionality out of your equipment. Spring and summer are tied for the next most popular seasons. This means you want to focus on signing up monthly customers heavily during the winter. They will enjoy the program through the warm weather months and are unlikely to cancel, even if they hardly use your wash in the fall. This allows you to keep your profits up in every season.

Make a Successful Investment By Hiring The Pros

Car Wash Pro Designers have decades of experience designing, constructing, and running car wash businesses. Our turnkey washes are ready to operate from the day we turn the keys over to you, including a well-trained staff and management team. Learn more today.

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Jabbar Huusain
Jabbar Huusain
Jun 21, 2023

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