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Four Factors That Will Make or Break Your Car Wash Vacuum System

Coin vacuums are the way of the past for express exterior car washes. Free vacuums add value for your customers, and you will more than makeup for it at the point of sale for your conveyor wash. When you throw in freebies that increase your facility’s value in the mind of consumers, you can make that money back and more by charging higher rates for your washes. Of course, your vacuum system has to perform well to add value. Here are four factors that will determine if your customers actually view the free vacuums as a valuable add-on.

  1. There must always be one available when they need it. No one is going to sit there tapping their fingers on the steering wheel while someone else takes all of the rugs out of their vehicle and starts doing a deep cleaning. There should be enough bays to handle all of your customers even when your wash is at its busiest. Don’t worry – they don’t cost you anything when no one is using them.

  2. Factor in the elevation of the city your wash is in. Just like you need to adjust the time and temperature for baking at certain elevations, you have to adjust the suction power on your vacuums. They just don’t work as well at high elevations. If your vacuums don’t actually suck anything up, your customers won’t be happy.

  3. You want to adjust the runtime properly. You may think the smart move is to have the vacuums run for just a minute or two. However, if the vacuum runs out seconds before a customer is done, they are just going to hit the button again. They may finish that one crevice and then just leave the vacuum running. Adjusting the runtime to meet the needs of the majority of customers is better than going by the average customer in this case.

  4. The location is crucial for convenience. You don’t want it to be dangerous for customers to get in and out of the vacuum bays when you are busy. An accident in the lot is really bad for business, even if it isn’t your fault.

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