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How to Grow Your Car Wash Customer Base in Winter

Winter is a slow time of year in many industries. However, for a car wash business, this is a season when you can grow your customer base. After all, many cars are out splashing through messy or slushy puddles, coating the vehicle in grime. How can you attract more business to your car wash during the winter season? Here are a few tips.

Educated Consumers

This is key for car wash businesses at all times. Consumers need to understand why it is more eco-friendly to use your wash than to wash the car in the driveway. However, specifically in winter, you want to educate drivers about the importance of getting regular washes. Road salt and chemicals that are used to treat the roads in winter can be damaging to the protective coating on a car’s paint job. If consumers are helped to understand this, they will be more likely to come in for regular washes or even sign up for your monthly membership program.

Use Auto Recharge for Unlimited Monthly Wash Club Members

Don’t let consumers pay for a month of washes and then let it lapse. You increase the lifetime value of your customers by having the club membership renew each month automatically. If your plan does not already do this, be sure to offer it as an upgrade to existing monthly customers. Make sure it is the policy for all new monthly wash club members.

Sell Car Wash Gift Cards

Many people get gift cards for one another during the holidays, especially if they are not sure what the other person likes. Car wash gift cards are perfect when you know someone loves their car. Selling gift cards in winter is a smart idea, although you should also offer them throughout the year. You could try offering a special promotion where a person gets a free wash for buying a gift card over a certain amount. Make sure the gift card purchase gets you some customer info such as a phone number or email address to activate.

Onboard New Customers This Winter

Now is the perfect time to grow a car wash business. It is also a great time to get started on a new car wash project. If you want a turnkey car wash, complete from the planning stage to training the employees, then Car Wash Pro Designers is the team for you. Contact us today to get your express exterior car wash started!


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