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How to Grow Your Car Wash Membership

The unlimited car wash club is the gold standard for car wash membership programs. Why do consumers love unlimited memberships? Basically, the attraction is the word unlimited. The average person assumes they are going to use that membership enough to make it a good deal – and maybe they even will. But that doesn’t mean you are losing money on an unlimited membership program.

Remember that the number of times per month someone uses the wash will vary throughout the year. Add to that the fact that you will inevitably have members who simply go months without washing the car before remembering to cancel the membership, which will more than make up for the occasional member who uses the wash a ton during the first month or two after joining.

Additionally, every member of your unlimited club is a local driver who will never switch to another car wash as long as they have that membership. So you are increasing the lifetime value of that customer dramatically, even if your profit margin is a little lower. So how can you grow your car wash membership?

Marketing Your Unlimited Membership The Right Way

The number one tool for selling unlimited membership is to put the price right next to the price of a single wash on all your marketing collateral and signage. If a driver sees that a premium wash costs $19.95, but they can have unlimited washes for $39.95 a month, they are going to think twice about even getting the car washed once before signing up. To the driver, that value is just too high to skip the club. For you, the value is doubling your enrollment rate.

Skip The Decision-Making Dilemma

We are faced with so many choices every day (just think about the menu at Starbucks), we all just want some easy decisions. An unlimited car wash membership takes a bunch of micro-decisions and turns them into one easy choice. They sign up for unlimited washes, drive in when they feel like it, and get the same wash every time. They never have to make another decision unless they want to change which wash plan they are on or cancel.

The fact that these unlimited wash plans are becoming ubiquitous in the industry is proof that they work and are bringing in revenue, not to mention creating loyal customers.

Invest in a Profitable Car Wash Business

Car Wash Pro Designers can get you into a brand-new, fully operational car wash. Contact us today to learn more about the details and pricing on our turnkey car wash projects.


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