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How You Can Acquire and Retain Car Wash Customers Using Text Messages

SMS marketing is becoming commonplace. People are not surprised to get a text message from a business. In fact, many are willing to sign up for these alerts with the right incentives. How can you use text message marketing to gain new customers and retain your existing clients? Here are some of the best tips for using this type of direct marketing at your express exterior car wash.

  • Send an alert when there are special promotions. This incentivizes your customers to keep receiving the messages. They want to know when there are good deals. It also provides you with a way to market your latest club memberships.

  • Use text messages to provide coupons. Coupon codes can be sent directly in the message. It is a great way to remind a customer who hasn’t been to the wash in a while that you exist and they haven’t washed their vehicle in a while.

  • Set up ongoing reminder notifications. Let customers set up reminder notices for themselves. An unlimited wash member may want a weekly text reminding them to wash their car. They may not do it every time, but the reminder keeps them on the hook.

  • Offer giveaways via text message. You can have your customer text a particular code to your number in order to enter a contest. Perhaps you are giving away a free month of your unlimited wash membership. This will show you how many people are interested in the program.

  • Take a survey. You can ask your customers for feedback via SMS. After their wash, automatically send them a message that allows them to reply with a number (1-5, for example) to let you know how you did or how likely they are to recommend your wash to a friend.

  • Promote your mobile app. Make sure you include links to the appropriate app store for both Apple and Android users.

These are just some of the ways that you can increase the lifetime value of your customers and receive valuable feedback at a very low cost.

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