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Is Your Car Wash Ready for Electric Vehicles?

Electric and water don’t mix. Even children are taught this from a very young age. However, cars are built to withstand the elements. So, in general, there is no issue with a car going through a car wash anymore than there is an issue with it sitting outside in the rain. This is true of all vehicles, all of which contain many electronic components.

However, EVs (electric vehicles) are constructed differently from traditional cars, even hybrids. So are there any additional concerns that you should have at your car wash?

The Main Concern with EVs and Car Washes

The number one concern for car washes owners when it comes to EVs has nothing to do with whether your wash will hurt the car. It won’t. The problem is educating consumers.

Remember that we are taught from a young age to keep anything electric away from water. According to one survey, over 40% of people have the mistaken idea that you can’t take an EV through an automatic car wash. So the real problem for car wash owners is overturning this myth and making sure that people know your car wash is safe for their EV.

Benefits of Express Exterior Car Washes for EV Owners

EV car owners get all the same benefits as gas or diesel vehicle drivers from an automated car wash. The fact is that the electrical components on these cars have to meet certain protection ratings to keep water and dust out of sensitive components. Your car wash is never going to cross that threshold.

Additionally, EV drivers are usually conscious of the effects of climate change. That is the main reason for switching vehicle types. Therefore, they should be happy to know that your car wash will save water over washing the car in the driveway. You should also let them know about any water reclamation system you have in place. Finally, remind drivers that you have strict regulations to follow regarding wastewater, whereas someone washing a car in their driveway sends all of the wastewater right into the ground.

So not only is your car wash safe, but it will also help EV drivers to reach their goals.

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