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Let Customers Pay the Way They Want at Your Car Wash

When it comes to customer experience, getting the car clean is the number one consideration. However, since a modern express exterior wash doesn’t involve interaction with a person, the number one customer service experience is going to be with your point-of-sale (POS) system. That means the way you collect money from your customers is going to have a big impact on the overall feeling they get from your wash. Here are some things you should know about how the modern generation wants to pay.

Contactless Payments Are King

This probably doesn’t come as a surprise, but most drivers are not carrying cash, nor do they want to have to feed individual bills into some sort of machine. In fact, only about 12% of POS transactions take place in cash anymore. However, what may surprise you is that traditional credit card payments are even starting to become less common.

Contactless payments are replacing other forms of cashless payments. Rather than swiping or inserting a card, people want to just be able to wave it near a machine. Better yet, they want to make the payment from their mobile device without even getting their wallet out of a bag or pocket. In fact, more than half of payments are now contactless, especially small transactions of $25 or less.

The short version is that you need to make sure your customers can pay from an app or their phone or in some other contactless way. No one wants to even touch a screen to say whether or not they want a receipt.

Monthly Unlimited Wash Memberships Give Consumers What They Want

The ultimate in a fast and easy experience is to make a monthly subscription payment and then just drive through the wash without having to think about it. Whether it’s a decal on a window, a license plate reader, or a smartphone app, make it simple for subscribers to show up at your wash, drive through, and get a clean vehicle with minimal effort. Then, when the autorenewal on the membership occurs, they won’t bat an eye, even if it’s been a little while since their last wash.

Get a Modern Express Exterior Car Wash

Car Wash Pro Designers wants to help you break into the industry with our modern car wash design and construction. Our turnkey car wash projects include everything you need for success, from the planning stages to the training of your staff and management team. Contact us today.

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