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Marketing Your Car Wash to the Largest Generation

Millennials make up the greatest majority of Americans right now. That means your car wash marketing efforts have to focus on that generation. There’s just one problem. Millennials have spent their whole lives training to recognize and ignore typical marketing ploys that have worked for decades. So how do you have to switch things up to make your car wash more appealing to your largest customer pool? Here are some essential tips:

  • Personalize it – Rather than sending out a marketing blast, use techniques that show personal attention (even if it’s automated personal attention). For example, collect information on special events in the customer’s life (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.). Then send discounts during the months they have a special occasion. Just that simple personalization is often enough to connect.

  • Market in the right places – Taking out ad spots on local television stations won’t reach a generation that is streaming Netflix, watching YouTube, and hanging out on social media. Focus your digital marketing efforts on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, Google, and other places Millennials are more likely to see your message.

  • Focus on experience – One benefit of the generational change is that you are dealing with a generation that is willing to spend money for an enhanced experience. Use colorful foam and brushes, add music and LED lighting to wash bays, keep the line moving rapidly, and have a convenient monthly unlimited package. All of these factors will keep Millennials coming back to your car wash, even if it’s a little pricer than the coin-operated wash bay or boring, automated bay across town.

  • Be involved in the community – Stay connected with neighborhood initiatives. Use socially conscious practices. Advertise all of this on your social media accounts. The nation’s largest generation wants to know you care about the community and the planet before they spend money on your business. There are plenty of ways to do this, including things like taking part in local fundraisers and using a water reclamation system to limit your impact on the local water supply.

The fact is that you may find marketing to Millennials is more affordable and intuitive for your business.

Invest in an Express Exterior Car Wash

A turnkey Express Exterior Car Wash from Car Wash Pro Designers is the perfect wash style for the modern consumer. The bays are fast, convenient, exciting, and do a great job getting a car clean. Contact us today to learn more about our turnkey car wash projects.


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