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Reasons to Open a New Car Wash Instead of Buying an Existing One

There are two options open to investors who want to own a car wash business. You can either spend the money upfront to invest in a brand-new car wash, or you can take the cheaper route and buy an existing wash. Let’s look at a few of the reasons to take the new build route, even though it means reaching deeper into your pockets up front.

#1 You Get to Choose the Location

Location is one of the essential elements of a successful car wash business. First of all, you want good visibility for your signage. A great sign goes up once and brings in customers with no additional acquisition cost. The more customers you can get this way, the better.

The other big reason location makes a difference in car wash success is that consumers need an easy way to get in and out of the lot. A car wash that is built on a multi-lane road with a median makes getting into your lot impossible for half the cars that pass by. Dangerous ingress and egress may cause cautious drivers to search for a safer car wash.

#2 You Can Determine the Most Profitable Car Wash Type

If you buy a car wash, you have to take whatever is on the lot. You don’t want to have to knock down the existing wash and start over. You may as well have purchased a new lot to start from scratch. Many older washes include coin-operated wash bays and automatic bays. However, the most successful modern car washes are tunnel bays.

#3 You Can Choose Your Lot Size and Layout

You want enough room for cars to move around in your lot, getting into and out of the wash. Plus, you want plenty of room for vacuum stations. When you are buying your own lot, you can get enough land to start a successful car wash and have the lot designed for optimal customer experience.

#4 You Don’t Have to Fix Something That Is Broken

A turnkey car wash is ready to start earning you cash immediately. You don’t have to try and fix the reputation of a wash that was in town for years and wasn’t successful. Remember, most car wash owners who are selling a wash are not doing so because it is bringing in tons of cash.

Car Wash Pro Designers can design and construct a turnkey car wash that is modern, efficient, and ready to start bringing in revenue. Serious investors should contact us today to learn more.

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