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Suggestions to Make Your Monthly Car Wash Loyalty Program Even Better

Monthly loyalty programs are becoming the norm in the express exterior wash industry. People are used to seeing monthly subscriptions on their credit card bills. Between streaming services, gym memberships, food delivery, Amazon Subscribe & Save, computer software, and the multitude of other products/services that charge a monthly fee rather than being pay-as-you-go, many consumers don’t even pay attention to all the charges that come in. Your car wash can capitalize on this with your monthly unlimited wash program. Here are a few ways to make the unlimited monthly plan a great deal for drivers and for your profitability.

  • Know your numbers to set your price properly. There are two figures that you need to know in order to make money with an unlimited wash plan. First, you have to know your cost of customer acquisition. This includes your marketing, promotions, and anything else you have to do to bring in a new club member. Then you have to know your customer lifetime value. Once you hook someone, how much will you make on that person? Then you know whether you should lower your price to attract more members or raise your price to increase your profit margins.

  • Make use of cheap and simple marketing techniques. Make it easy for customers to find out about the membership by having signage up around the facility. Putting up flyers around town is one of the cheapest marketing tactics. Even hiring a sign spinner on high-traffic days is pretty affordable.

  • Use the right promotions. Depending on how motivated your employees are and how much contact they even have with customers, you may want to have competitions with rewards for people who sign up the largest number of new members. You can also advertise digitally, targeting local drivers, and using social media to show off your wash and your deals.

Monthly car wash clubs are here to stay, so now is the time to learn how to put them to use at your express exterior car wash.

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