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The Essential Goal of a Greener Car Wash Business

Sustainability and environmentally friendly businesses decisions are more than just trends. This is the future of the planet at stake. Whether your car wash customers demand you have a greener car wash business or not, it is the right thing to do. Plus, many consumers have an eco-friendly mindset, so ultimately, it is also a good business decision. How can you reach environmental goals without breaking the piggy bank at your car wash?

  • Environmentally friendly cleaning agents – The cleaning agents at a car wash are often referred to as chemicals, even by industry experts. That tells you something about the everyday soaps and foams that you could be using. Be sure to vet your suppliers properly, so you are using cleaning agents that provide maximum cleaning ability with minimal environmental impact.

  • Water reclamation – With the right water reclamation system, you can reuse 80% of the water that goes into washing vehicles. Not only does that lessen the burden of the wash on the planet, but it will also lessen the burden of your monthly water bill.

  • Reduce electricity usage – There are several ways to cut down electricity usage at your wash, including choosing the right vacuums, dryers, and other energy-intensive equipment. You just need to find the right balance between performance and sustainability, and options are growing better all the time.

  • Proper drainage – It’s not legal for your car wash to dump wastewater anyway. However, you can also use this as a selling point to eco-conscious consumers. When they wash a car in their own driveway, those detergents just end up in waterways. Your discharge water all goes through municipal treatment plants, which means it is much safer for the community to use your wash than to wash their own cars.

For new car wash owners, using the most sustainable practices, equipment, and cleaning agents is the right thing to do and a smart business move.

Have Your Green Car Wash Business Designed and Constructed by the Pros

Car Wash Pro Designers is in the business of designing and constructing turnkey car wash businesses. You also benefit from our decades of experience in the industry when it comes to training your management team and staff. Everything we do is designed to maximize your profit, but we also want to help you run a sustainable business that leaves as small of a carbon footprint as possible. Contact us today to learn more.

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